Wednesday, January 23, 2008

quarter life crisis

Your greatest strength is your greatest weakness… what you want most, you most fear… balance in all things. This collage is a reflection of a time of huge transition in my life. The circle is gray to represent life being different shades of it. Life is not black and white. There must be boundaries, but life is merely a series of different perspectives. All truths are relative; all thoughts are relative. The artistic staircase represents the dichotomy between climbing the ladder of life and plunging into it. Upon arrival of every opportunity there in lies a choice of what we want our lives to be about; the next set in the creation of our lives. Meanwhile life is still flowing; a constant that can always be relied upon is change. This is illustrated by the wave of water flowing through the staircase. All of these are tied together with the shadow of black background to pronounce the interconnectivity of all people and facts of life.
The staircase… depending on who you speak to about each opportunity you could be plunging into a pit of despair or you could be moving up in the world. All the perspectives in the world are what make up the spectrum of the staircase and life is what you create from what you are given.

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