Sunday, January 27, 2008

elements of letting go

blue sky represents life breath, space and time.
clear water represents fluidity and acceptance.
sand represents the logical mind, being grounded and balance.
light represents hope, regeneration and vitality.
nakedness signifies truth, rawness and rebirth.

All of these combined are the elements of letting go.

This piece shows the light and dark side of letting go. It always feels so painful to let go of a friendship or a lover or a desire... but there's something greater to be learned once the grieving dissipates. The woman's naked body is juxtaposed with a backward-facing woman in a hooded sweatshirt in a city alley. This is to show that on the outside we all wear our armor, but when we truly need to be real with ourselves, nothing that covers us matters.

The flower in the woman's hand symbolizes the blossom that comes from letting go of something. In life, all things must come to an end, but where these relationships, people, ideas or hopes die, bloom flowers that are a bit wiser, genuinely compassionate, exquisitely beautiful and more loving. To truly let go of something is to find a deeper love for oneself and a deeper knowledge of oneself.

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