Wednesday, January 23, 2008

la santa de la puseta

The background is a pink, oddly shaped “X”. It has veins going through it to illustrate the life of the pussy. The “x” is the womyn chromosome-

There is a beautiful blonde woman who seems to be teasing the viewer. She wears a pair of sunglasses. No, look closer, they’re a pair of eyes. These are the eyes from an old soul, a woman who represents the womyn of the world. She is the one who knows the injustice that has been thrust upon women for centuries on end. This soul lives in the beautiful body because she has learned to adapt… to outwardly fit the mold she has been conditioned to show the world. She holds an ice cream cone with a “Y” in it. Behind the “Y” is a cage. On the bottom is a long cage, on it are 5 of the letter "y"s turned upside-down. The "Y" cages are to symbolize the social, physical, religious, emotional and sexual confines that male-dominated social structure has put on women throughout history.
The large cage is beneath her feet and upside down because the women of the world aren’t accepting these male-assigned confines. We are paving our own way, with heels. We are giving back these cages. The charms we’ve been conditioned to use have made us refute traditional gender dominance. We now use those charms to fight the oppressive ideologies- we start by delivering the reclaimed pussy cage, politely, in an ice cream cone. It’s our gift back to the social construct... Lick it.

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