Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This collage depicts a green triangle balancing on a white circle. On top of the triangle are five arrows, one in the direction that is heaviest and four pulling in the opposite direction. There is a thin strip of silver on the right-hand side of the triangle.

I’ve been struggling between who I am and who I want to be. Am I becoming the person I never wanted to be, or is it that the voice of “them” that I am internalizing? Do I really want to travel or am I just scared? Am I keeping myself from my Self?

The triangle represents change, green represents vibrancy. I believe that change can be difficult, but we choose to learn what we want from it. The fact that I have emerced myself in my job is represented by the single arrow going in the “right” direction. That one arrow is tipping the scales heavily. Most people in my life seem to think that traipsing around the corporate world is the perfect avenue for me... I'm not convinced. I'm realizing the value of true friends, grappling with the non-existence of my immediate freedom, and learning the importance of maintaining a healthful routine. I'm discovering new parts of myself and learning how to maneuver in a vast, unknown world.

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