Wednesday, May 9, 2007

challenging boundaries

Challenging social norms, historically-defined cultural roles, sexuality and gender... pushing the envelope seems to be the theme of my life right now. Question everything; life is constantly changing.

This piece is a duality in meaning of both my physical parameters in Washington,DC and of my contemplation of challenging my existing mental limits.

A diamond makes up the background for the piece and is also the shape of the district. The green line has "society" glued backwards upon it. There's an arrow with an "X" shooting through the green line.

The "X" sinifies womyn... the X chromosome. The torn edges are to illustrate that the womyn that challenge societal boundaries aren't always the well-behaved ones. We are strong, determined womyn that are challenging traditional gender roles and growing the limits of our backward society.

The fact that I live in DC was an important integration into this piece as I left my whole world behind to come to this city to start a new direction of creating myself. The green strip in the piece represents the metro green line and my stronger dedication to being more environmentally conscious.

womyn in rapture

This piece is intended to depict the elusive feeling that happens when a womnyn's heart is ablaze with passion.

The pictures are all in "O" shapes... orgasm.

The passion in her head spreads to her vagina, out her mouth,and her eyes have no choice but to tear and close. This feeling gets more intense the greater her honest passion is for her lover and for herself.

Her toes curl and energy bursts out of every pore. It's and explosion of vulnerability and trust. It's an act of the most intense self-loving experience. The best orgasms come from the most honest places within ourselves, and the more honest we are with ourselves, the more open we can be to passion, vulnerability and exploration.

A womyn bent over backward is displayed to illustrate that her passion is so intense that her brain is no longer taking hostage over her body.

A womyn is lying openly naked... Sex is never only about one thing; it can be scary, it can be beautiful, it can be sad, it can be liberating. Sex is not directly connected to the vagina, and the sexuality of the vagina depends on the perspective of she who wears it.

A cunt... pink with light radiating from the inside of the womyn's heart.

The womyn reaches her climax as she rips her chest cavity open to allow her heart to be free of the physical confines of her body...

thus, extasis.