Sunday, March 25, 2007

that is so GAY

Most of us who self-identify as GAY think of the word in a positive sense. In more obtuse circles, this word has a negative connotation illustrated through the commonplace use of the phrase, "That is so GAY." It is used interchangeably with describing something as stupid, ridiculous or ugly, and has almost become a staple in modern language with out any questioning of how thoughtless that phrase actually is.

There is power in the reclamation of derogatory terms and phrases; this piece seeks to do just that. The background is a mélange rainbow colors with torn edges to symbolize the strength of character of the activists who seek GAY equality. The letters are created from cut-outs of integral components of GAY culture. The words placed over those are to shed light on my way to look at being GAY.

1 comment:

  1. hey abbie,
    thank you for the courage to express your experiences. i love how you've thought through the elements of your collages. looking forward to your opening on the 25th
    sending loving-kindness,