Sunday, March 25, 2007

i'm coming out

This piece is mounted on etching metal. The background is a rainbow in the shape of a triangle. Placed over the triangle is a door on which are the words "everything" and "nothing." The door signifies he proverbial closet door from whence all gay men and women emerge. The Triangle shape is both a duality of the universal symbol for change and an inverted "V" for Vagina.

Collage on etching metal.
I used metal to signify the nature of a change of this magnitude… it’s hard, it’s strong.
The background is a rainbow in the shape of a triangle, a dual symbol of both the vagina and change. Overlaid on the triangle is a door with "everything" and "nothing" are displayed. The door signifies the proverbial closet from whence all gays emerge. Ideas about my future, perception of the world and my goals as a woman are taking on new shape. I am redefining my existence to the world, beginning with myself. I feel like sometimes I revert back to pre-pubescent timidity when I am in the social scene meeting people. It is one of the scariest journeys I've ever begun...

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